Brussels, International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women

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4 Mar to 8 Mar

The International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women (ITCW) was a people's tribunal which took place on March 4–8, 1976 in Brussels. The event was created with the intention to ‘make public the full range of crimes’, violently brutal and subtly discriminatory, committed against women in all cultures.

Diana E.H Russell and Nicole Van Den Ven, the main organisers of the tribunal, were inspired by Bertrand Russell's International War Crimes Tribunal, a people's tribunal on crimes committed in the Vietnam War.

The ITCW was attended by over 2000 women from 40 countries, and specific topics included: medical and economic crimes; rape; political prisoners; crimes against lesbians; spousal abuse; prostitution; pornography; and femicide.

Sex worker organisations such as COYOTE, PLAN and the ECP, as well as other sex workers were present, and a resolution by Margo St. James for the ‘decriminalisation of prostitution’ was accepted.