Appointment of Asia Pacific Economic Empowerment Policy Officers


As part of the Dutch collaboration Stepping Up, Stepping Out 2 funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NSWP has received funding to support the development of advocacy tools around rights-based economic empowerment for sex workers.  The first year of this three year project will focus on documenting the work done by sex worker led groups in Asia Pacific.   

NSWP is pleased to announce the appointment of Kaythi Win and Aly Murray as policy consultants to work with APNSW/NSWP members in developing economic empowerment advocacy tools that can be used at national, regional and global levels. They will work with and coordinate teams of local consultants to document good practice examples of rights-based economic empowerment projects by and for sex workers and write up a report on this including case studies.  The report will further highlight the damage done to sex workers by forced rehabilitation and exit programmes.

Dr Aly Murray received a PhD from ANU for research in Indonesia: 'No money no honey, a study of street traders and prostitutes in Jakarta', published by OUP in 1991, based on participatory work and followed by HIV/AIDS peer education work at SWOP in Sydney and early involvement with Scarlet Alliance and APNSW. A post-doctoral fellowship back at ANU resulted in 'Pink Fits: sex, subcultures and discourses in the Asia-Pacific', Monash Asia Institute 2001. After time out, Aly returned to work at Sydney University, NUAA and working with Scarlet and PNG workers to establish Friends Frangipani in 2005-6, followed by consultant work at Charles Darwin University, NTAHC and Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation before returning from Darwin to Sydney.

Kaythi Win has worked for Population Services International (PSI) for ten years, where she was a co-founder of the Targeted Outreach Program (TOP) in Yangon.  Kaythi was responsible for TOP's national sex worker programme overseeing 350 staff members located at 18 drop in centres throughout the Myanmar.  From August 2010 until June 2013, Kaythi served as Chair of the Asia Pacific Network of Sex   She has often represented both APNSW and NSWP at high profile events such as the Sex Worker Freedom Festival (SWFF) and the Association of Women in Development (AWID) Conference in April, 2012 where, in her plenary, she delivered an empassioned plea to development feminists to support sex workers and to be vocal in their support.  This moving delivery earned Kaythi a standing ovation by the crowd which possibly heralded a watershed moment in the relationship between sex workers and the broader feminist movement.  In December 2012, Kaythi was elected to the International board of AWID and currently serves as the first sex worker to be elected to this role.