NSWP launches a new listserv to communicate issues around NSWP+

NSWP+ now has a listserv! NSWP+ is a platform for HIV positive sex workers and people committed to treatment access and equal rights for sex workers living with HIV. We have launched this special platform within NSWP to campaign for the rights of HIV positive sex workers and to bring our issues, alongside the energy and glamour of the sex worker movement, to the wider treatment activist movement.


NSWP+ was launched during the Sex Worker Freedom Festival in Kolkata in 2012 and since then exists as a platform for communications and resources related to the priority areas of:

  • Treatment Access
  • Testing and Treatment
  • HIV and Human Rights
  • Health and HIV Financing

The new listserv is a communications space for NSWP+ to share resources and news updates related to these priority areas and also for any members to share news/updates or comment on any issues related to the priority areas. We particularly encourage sex workers living with HIV to join and others committed to treatment access and equal rights for positive sex workers. All relevant discussions and updates shared on the listserve will also be updated to the NSWP+ website.

If you would like to be added to the NSWP+ list serve please email the communications officer responsible for administration of this list: nadine.stott [at] nswp.org.