The Closing of Sex Worker Detention Centres in Vietnam

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The closing of sex worker detention centres in Vietnam

A big step for the health and well-being of all Vietnamese women, men & children

Thuy is a former sex worker. She spent many terms in one of Vietnam’s former detention centres, together with thousands of other sex workers. The fear of getting caught made sex workers like Thuy afraid to carry condoms on the street. Moreover, in the centres, sex workers with HIV struggled to get the treatment they needed. After a long journey of lobby and advocacy, the Vietnamese government changed the law and sex worker detention centres were abolished. Check out this video and find out what this means for women like Thuy and to learn about what Bridging the Gaps partners Aids FondsSCDI and Noi Binh Yen group will do next in ensuring the health and human rights of sex workers in Vietnam.

The above article was featured on the Bridging the Gaps website on 08 April 2014