UNAIDS Briefing Note on the Legal Status of Sex Work

UNAIDS have drafted a briefing note on the legal status of sex work emphasising the key human rights and public health considerations.

The briefing note clarifies five issues that are often a source of contention with the anti-sex work lobby. The points that the UNAIDS briefing note clarify include:

  • that sex work should not be conflated with human trafficking;
  • that the criminalisation of sex workers or their clients negates the right to individual self-determination, autonomy and agency;
  • human rights bodies have called for the decriminalisation of sex work;
  • the “Nordic Model” of criminalising clients of sex workers raises serious concerns;  and
  • how the decriminalisation of sex work, including the purchase of sex, protects human rights and supports public health efforts.

You can download the statement above.

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