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Infographie: La decriminalisation des tierces parties

Cette infographie résume les recherches sur la decriminalisation des tierces parties. Il a pour objectif d'expliciter les raisons pour lesquelles NSWP appelle à la décriminalisation des tierces parties.  Il traite des effets néfastes que la criminalisation des tierces parties peut avoir sur les travailleurSEs du sexe.

L'infographie sur la decriminalisation des tierces parties est un nouvel outil de plaidoyer pour les travailleurs du sexe dans le monde. Il a été conçu et créé par Smo Sienkiewicz.

信息图: 政策简报 对第三方的去罪化

此信息图总结了对第三方非犯罪化的研究。 文中详细叙述为什么NSWP及其成员呼吁对第三方去罪化。 文章讨论了对第三方刑事定罪导致的对性工作者的主要伤害。

此信息图是全球性工作者倡导的新工具。它是由Smo Sienkiewicz设计和创建的。


政策简报 对第三方的去罪化


инфографика: NSWP консенсусное заявление по вопросам секс - работы, прав человека и законодательства

После глобальной консультации с членами, Заявление NSWP консенсус подтверждает глобальный пропагандистскую платформу NSWP "с для секса работы, прав человека и закона. Заявление консенсус выдается от имени членов NSWP и работников секс-бизнеса они представляют в том числе секс-работников всех полов, класса, расы, этнической принадлежности, состояния здоровья, возраста, национальности, гражданства, языка, уровня образования, инвалидов, и многих других факторов.

Infographie: NSWP Déclaration de Consensus sur le Travail du Sexe, les Droits Humains et la Loi

La Déclaration de consensus est un nouvel outil pour la défense des droits des travailleurs du sexe dans le monde entier. Suite à une consultation mondiale avec les membres, la déclaration NSWP Consensus réaffirme plate-forme de plaidoyer mondial de l 'NSWP pour le travail du sexe, les droits humains et la loi.

NSWP launch new infographic and animation resources

NSWP has developed new infographic and animation formats of key advocacy tools. The ten infographics and five animations will help to expand the accessibility of NSWP resources and support global campaigns and the advocacy work of regional networks and member organisations in campaigning for the rights of female, male and transgender sex workers and amplifying the voices of sex workers globally.

The new resources, which are each available in the 5 NSWP languages, were designed and created by Smo Sienkiewicz.

Explore the infographics and animations below.

Animation: Sex Work as Work

This animation looks at sex work through a labour framework, and advocates for the recognition of sex work as work. Where sex work is criminalised, sex workers’ workplaces are often excluded from national labour laws. 

The Sex Work as Work animation is a new tool for sex workers' advocacy worldwide. It was designed and created by Smo Sienkiewicz.

Animation: Challenging the introduction of the Nordic Model

This animation looks at the harms caused to sex workers in countries where the Nordic Model has been introduced and  is intended as a tool to strengthen and support NSWP members and sex workers’ rights advocates’ ability to actively challenge proposals to introduce the Nordic approach in their countries.

The Challenging the introduction of the Nordic Model animation is a new tool for sex workers' advocacy worldwide. It was designed and created by Smo Sienkiewicz.

Animation: The Impact of Anti-trafficking Legislation and Initiatives on Sex Workers

Trafficking in persons has generated increasing global attention in recent decades, largely due to the development of international frameworks, pressure from fundamental feminist and abolitionist groups, and as a reaction to increased migration for labour. International policies on trafficking frequently contain vague or ambiguous language, which can cause harm to sex workers in a number of ways.