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這是一個社區指南的 阳性性工作者 簡報紙。 它探討了全球艾滋病毒性工作者遭受的不同類型的污名和歧視。 本社區指南為尊重其人權的政策和做法提供了建議。 它使用案例研究,突出艾滋病毒性工作者的經驗和滿足他們的需要所需的努力,並倡導他們的權利。

The 2010 "Strike Hard Campaign" (police crackdowns) put in place a zero tolerance policy on sex work, gambling and drugs all across China. While many brothels and popular clubs were closed ultimately sex workers continued work out in more remote areas. This geographic shift cut people off from essential health services, HIV/AIDS education, and even funeral services for women who die while cut off from their families.

Here in its first major report The China Sex Worker Organization Network Forum trained its members to document the effects of the crackdown.