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This case study is the fourth and final instalment in a series produced by NSWP over a five-year period. Spanning the years 2015 to 2019, three previous case studies documented the role of NSWP and its member organisations in the development, implementation, and monitoring of rights-affirming international guidelines and policies on sex work. These case studies also examined the usage and impact of international guidelines and policies in local, national, and regional sex worker advocacy. 

Contents include:

2015年8月,国际大赦国际理事会投票赞成制定和通过一项保护性工作者人权的政策,包括对成年人自愿性工作的所有方面进行全面非刑罪化。 这个案例研究反映了大赦国际决议的进程,迄今为止的影响以及NSWP和NSWP成员组织在这一过程中的作用。 它还简要反映了针对性工作者组织和大赦国际的反对性工作活动。