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本文件是《简报: 性少数性工作 者经历的恐同 与恐跨性别​》的配套社群指南。指南概述了简报全文,并为政策制定者和医疗服务机构提供了重要建议。


女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋和跨性别 (LGBT)人群经历着包括 法律、政治和社会各个层面针对他们的恐同和恐跨性别。对于作为 性少数的性工作者,基于性取向和性别身份的歧视,同时受到性工作 者本身带来的歧视,会遭到一系列特殊侵犯。

简报记录了性少数性工作者经历的污名和歧 视,强调了不同社群的不同经验。为应对身处性工 作与性少数重叠区域而经历的双重污名和歧视所 提出的建议。


The 2010 "Strike Hard Campaign" (police crackdowns) put in place a zero tolerance policy on sex work, gambling and drugs all across China. While many brothels and popular clubs were closed ultimately sex workers continued work out in more remote areas. This geographic shift cut people off from essential health services, HIV/AIDS education, and even funeral services for women who die while cut off from their families.

Here in its first major report The China Sex Worker Organization Network Forum trained its members to document the effects of the crackdown.